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The Selling Process

The process of selling your home is very intimidating for many people.   By educating yourself about the process and with Andrea West on your side; selling your home can be easy, quick and anxiety free!


Rule #1 - Don't let the selling process indimidate you.  You are in the drivers seat.


Rule #2 - Get representation.  You need someone on your side.


Rule #3 - Get educated.  Read and research what you can, ask lots of questions.

Before the Sale - Marketing

Marketing is a critical part of  getting your home SOLD.  Ensuring that the right buyers know your property is for sale, and having your home look its best are crucial to your success.  Once you are ready to list, be sure you go through the following:

  • Meet your real estate agent at your home to preview your property
  • Map out your game plan
  • Discuss price and terms
  • Discuss any required repairs
  • Discuss fees and expenses
  • Discuss marketing strategies
  • Discuss marketing materials and programs
  • Go through all required documentation
  • Discuss communication and the follow up you are expecting
  • Dicuss how to handle clients that will come through your property
  • Once you are satisfied with all the details, list your property

Closing the Sale - Opening Escrow

Closing a sale is always a slippery slope.  Communication, follow up, and team-work are key.  With Andrea West as your real estate agent, you can be assured that her experience in closing sales will help you see the deal through to the end.
  • Negotiate the transaction
  • Coordinate the home inspection
  • Negotiate repairs
  • Take care of disclosure issues (SPDS, termite, lead based paint, pool rules, etc)
  • Follow up on buyer qualification
  • Follow up on any lender issues (appraisal, repairs, or other required conditions)
  • Complete any required homeowner repairs
  • Coordinate the closing process and get the transaction closed.